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The You Are What You Think Writers Quiz

Writers are an interesting bunch. We all think we’re different, but we’re a lot alike. This quiz pokes fun at our serious sides and may be used as a tool to help figure out where you are in your writing career and what to do next. Please note, this is a lighthearted quiz and is not meant to be taken seriously. Have fun!
  1. The word I like most is ...

  2. Rambling

  3. The things I like most are...

  4. Books, pens and notebooks.
    Candles, felt tip pens and leather bound journals.
    Ipods, e-readers and drawing tablets.
    Ipads, digital recorders and social networking sites.

  5. Which thing would you never admit to liking?

  6. Alcohol

  7. As a writer, you believe ...

  8. Nobody will ever truly understand me.
    I will write the great American novel.
    I am writing for myself.
    I don't care about money or fame.

  9. You have thought or made one of the following statements ...

  10. I am a better writer than (insert name here) so why aren't i published?!
    I have edited this thing to death and I'm done working on this.
    It doesn't matter what you think about my work because you're dumb.
    I don't have time to write.

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