Nov 302009

A few years ago I got sick of getting form rejection letters from all of the literary journals and magazines. So I decided to make my own postcard, which had boxes for the editors to check when they were going to send me a rejection. It’s more of a tool for me, but I find it absolutely essential for editors as well. 

All they need to do is to check off what I might need to work on structurally. I have also added in a place for other comments. Well, when I told people about my postcard a lot of them were super negative about it. They said that editors wouldn’t take the time to fill it out; that they’d probably just pitch it.

What they didn’t know was that my postcard was easier to send than a form rejection. All they needed to do was check off what their thoughts were and put it in the post. 

Today as I was checking the mail I came across one of my postcards! It was a rejection. That wasn’t the greatest feeling, but I was still excited. For one, I was rejected because of the type of fiction I submitted not because they didn’t like my story. And for two, they used my postcard! 

Before you start thinking, well why didn’t she read the lit mag before submitting to them? Well I did. I actually thought it might be a pretty good fit seeing as though my story was set in Chicago and it was a Chicago lit mag, but I was wrong.

Ill take another look at that journal and probably pick up another for good measure. They also signed the postcard, “Thanks for thinking of us!”  I am so excited. Every time I feel like I’m not going to make it as a writer I get some kind of inkling from the universe pushing me ahead.  

I dont say this enough, but I love writing. I’m not going to give up and you shouldn’t give up on your dreams either.


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