May 062014

I’ve been working on redoing my closet office for the last month. I intended on creating an office that had ample space, light, color, and convenience and I’ve got most of it done.

Ample space: In order to create the space I wanted, I had to purge. I got rid of many file folders, moved three storage bins filled with holiday decorations to my storage space, and gave away several plastic and wooden bins which cleared up some space.

Lighting: I purchased a clamp lamp, which I found at Home Depot to light my space.

Color: I put up some new artwork and photographs to give my space pops of color.

I was going to purchase some new bins, but I had plenty and I didn’t want to clutter the space.

Convenience: My dining room does not have a single outlet. This is an issue since my closet office is located in my dining room and I will need to plug in my lamp, computer, and printer.  I am going to have one put in. After this is done, I shouldn’t have any issues while working in my closet office and it should be very convenient.

Check out my before and after photo’s so far:

Closet office before and after

The “green man” artwork was inspired by Keith Haring and made by my son at Easel Art Studio in Chicago.

As always, this is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more.


Sep 162009

I think I have my life under control again. I was a little unfocused for a while, but I feel a lot better about things and I know where I’m going. Nobody ever tells you that you need an intense amount of discipline to be a writer, but you do.

The road isn’t easy and there aren’t any shortcuts. Believe me, I’ve looked. That doesn’t mean you stop looking for them though. At least I don’t. I’m always looking for the easiest way to get there, but that just doesn’t exist.

I have so many projects and so many dreams. I worry that I won’t be able to finish them all. But I feel whole when I finish projects, so I will push on.

Lately, I’ve been feeling better about interviewing people. I wonder if I miss that human adult connection. You see, I work from home. Some would call me a stay at home mom, but I consider myself more than that. I am a creative, a communicator.

I am also a partner in a web design business and I have my own jewelry line in addition to being a freelance writer. How do I find the time? I don’t. And the things I love to do are beginning to suffer. I wish there were more like 40 hours in a day. Then I’m sure I could get most of it done.

I measure my success by happiness, but lately I’ve been reverting to income. Why? It’s sick. I wonder if there are any writers out there that are doing what they love and are able to make a living doing it. If you do, then how do you do it and how did you get there? I want to know the secret.