Dec 042011

It’s holiday time: time for eggnog, coquito, for bowls of chili, for snow and of course presents. If you have a writer friend, why not hook them up with a gift for the holidays?

Here are some ideas…


  • A well made journal. 
  • A five in one Pen. What writer wouldn’t want one of these?! 
  • A portable scanner, which is a dream come true for any paper hoarder. 
  • The Storymatic game just because it’s fun.
  • A yearly planner with lots of room to write.


  • Bookmarks. I don’t care what anybody says, bookmarks will always be in style.
  • A classic book collection like this:
  • This shirt because it’s hilarious:
  • This mug because sometimes you need a little inspiration. 
  • And last, but not least, the real secret to happiness (Just kidding… kinda).  🙂 

Well folks, there you have it. Numbers eight and nine were gifts ideas I learned about from the Writerland blog. Check out Meghan Ward’s post for more gift ideas for writers.

If you need even more gift ideas then look no further than Design Sponge’s 2011 $25 and Under Gift Guide. It’s not geared towards writers, but it’s a pretty cool list nonetheless.

Good luck with your holiday purchases and please remember that the best gift is an unexpected one. Am I right? I think I am.

Happy holidays!

*All images link back to the original photo source.