Oct 072014

My life is always changing, which means that the space around me is always changing. After my first update, I worked on my office closet again and here are the results.

I stated that I wanted convenience, space, lighting, and color. I think I have achieved all of that and more.

Here is my current space:

closed and open closet doors

And here is a close-up of the interior: office closet
Here is what I did to achieve my dream space:

For convenience, I had an outlet put into my dining room and it is wonderful. I no longer have to avoid cords sprawled across my floor.

For space, I purged a ton of paper. I still have one small bin that I need to go through, but everything else is in files on my desktop. Sure things need to be separated, but at least all of that paper is out of the way.

For lighting, I used a clamp lamp, which can be moved around anywhere. It’s a great tool to have. I couple that with my overhead light above and it works beautifully. I believe that a workspace needs plenty of light to be functional.

For color, I added a city scene that my son made and put up photographs and desk toys. These pops of color are like tiny pieces of happy energy that help me focus.

For organization, I added a DIY combination cork/dry erase board. I made it using an old cabinet door and a pack of square cork and dry erase tiles. I used stamps and white paint to make patterns on the cork, which gave it a little bit of personality. I love my cork/dry erase board and use it every day to keep track of ideas, to-do lists, and important reminders.

I also organized my writing books by color. Organizing books by color makes your space look well put together. Try it yourself.

The best part about my office closet is that there is a place for everything and when I’m done, I can just close it up and join the real world.

May you find your perfect work space in your home as well!

Jun 232010

The readers out there already know that I have a list of Chicago pubs, but now I have created a separate page for the literary publications of Chicago as well. There are more lit pubs in Chicago than I previously thought and I bet there are a few more, so if you happen to know of any please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Feb 102010

Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been wasting a lot of time watching television and reading things on random web sites. What is it with me? I need to re-focus my energy. I realized that the sites eating up most of my time are the social networking sites of course. Die Facebook, die. I’ve also been sucked into the world of LinkedIn and Regretsy. Here’s how a normal day in my life breaks down:

Caring for my son – 10 hrs – 42%
Client work and writing, this also includes reading 3 hrs – 13%
Social Networking sites – 2 hrs – 8%
Cleaning – 1 hr – 4%
Sleep – 8 hrs  – 33%

Something has to give or I have to give up something. The only place I can see gaining more time to devote to my craft is getting rid of my accounts on these awful social networking sites. I thought I was stronger than this! I really did.