Jul 162013

30. Moisturize. Enough said.

29. Recognize your part in everything and take responsibility for your action and inaction.

28. Exercise is a necessity. If you work your body, you will work your mind.

27. Fun is essential.

26. There are a lot of bullies in adulthood. Don’t let people treat and talk to you any old way and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Remember, if you don’t, who will?

25. Fresh foods are the key to healthy living.

Fruit Bowl

24. Go to the doctor and the dentist regularly.


23. Don’t say you’re sorry unless you mean it. It comes off as disingenuous and everybody knows that a phony apology is worse than no apology at all.

22. Having good friends is important.

21. ABL. Always be laughing.

20. Don’t talk to people any old way. They’ll always remember the way you made them feel – disrespected and insignificant.

19. Sometimes it’s better said with a look. Remember the folks from The Office?

18. Take a moment for yourself during the day and go to bed on time to ensure that you’ll always be and feel your best.

17. Travel and make photo books.

16. Some people will disagree with the decisions you’ve made and are making in your life. This is okay.

15. Love yourself.

14. Sometimes you’ll go through a rough patch. Just remember – it’s temporary.

13. Splurge on good coffee. Trust me, you will not regret it.


12. Believe in yourself. Now take a chance.

11. It is okay to indulge sometimes.

10. Listen to what people are saying and not what you think they are saying.

9. Your spouse/partner/significant other is one of the only people you’ve chosen to have in your life. Remember that and treat them as such.

8. Your body tells you everything. Pay attention to it when it’s shouting at you.

7. There are many young, brilliant minds. Respect the youth.

6. If somebody hurts your feelings, be confident and tell them straight away. Under no circumstances should you let those feelings fester.

5. Your tongue can be just as cutting as a knife. Choose your words wisely.

4. Always be in control of your emotions.

3. Life plans are amazing.

2. Have a running list of nouns that make you happy and refer to it often.

1. When you love the people in your life, love them hard because they won’t be around forever and chances are you’ll miss them when they’re gone.


That’s what I’ve learned in the past five years. What about you? What did you learn in your 30’s or are learning?


*Note: all images were created by me – Janina R. Williams. Please contact me for permission before using.

Dec 022009

I’m trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. I know, it sounds so dramatic.  Should I . . .  

1. Continue to write short stories/novels and try to get them published.
2. Continue to freelancing, but make more of an effort to make a living at it.
3. Pursue my dreams of being editor of my own magazine.
4. Find my dream job with a huge income that and gives me the affordability to be with my son.  

My sister said this: I think you should realistically take option 4, while keeping an eye out for 3, and using one or two days a week for 1.   

I’m going to take her advice. Here is how I plan to get there:    


Steps to finding my dream job    


Re-write resume DONE!

-Search for lovely jobs that pay above $65,000 and are flexible. Doing now! 

-Apply to lovely jobs. See previous answer.

-Wait to hear from them. Waiting.



-Finding day care for my son. Researching.

-Start job.    


Steps to becoming editor of my own magazine  

-Research/Write business proposal  

-Find venture capitalists to invest in my magazine idea.

-Apply for grant money.

-Find like-minded people.

-Start magazine online.

-Open shop.     


Steps to getting short stories published 

-Edit and write new stories in the wee hours of the morning when I have that pesky block of free time. Sure that’s when I sleep, but who needs sleep anyway?  

-Find a common thread between pieces.

-Research literary journals.

-Get published.    


Steps to getting my novel published  

-Edit novel.  Working on it.

-Write a book proposal. 

-Research and find a literary agent. Looking now.  

-Get published.