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The first challenge was posted on Rachael Harrie’s Blog. Here’s what it entailed:

The Challenge
In 300 words or less, tell us:

· one secret
· one lie
· one interesting quirk
· one annoying habit
· one of your best character traits, and
· one of your favourite things in the whole world.

The post can be in any format, including poetry (for those poets among us), but must include the random words, “bloviate,” “fuliguline,” “rabbit,” and “blade” (tee hee).

Finish your post with something along the lines of, “I may have revealed something about me that isn’t strictly true, can you guess what it is?” (this last bit isn’t included in the word count). And don’t forget to tell us the answer in your next post!

So here is mine:

Some days I feel like a fuliguline, swimming around the sea of life, darting from one edge to the next, unable to stop and enjoy the sunset. There are so many things to read and write and so many projects to take on, but not enough time to do it. I wish there were more like forty hours in a day. Those extra hours could make a huge difference. Though I wonder, where does the time go?

A few minutes here and there adds up quickly. Fortunately, I have great organizational skills and a knack for multi-tasking. I’m not trying to bloviate, but I am quite good. You will never find multiple piles of paper or magazine stacks in my abode. I can’t work if my house is a mess, so I am crazy about organization. It’s that whole clear house, clear mind thing.

Some days, I take a seat at my desk and ponder about life. If I’m lucky, my muse will come out to play. Speaking of muses, I think mine is a stylish rabbit that wears a tuxedo because he doesn’t believe in saving his good clothes for special occasions. He drinks out of a flute and collects peculiar accessories like vintage letter blade openers and old typewriters. He also has a collection of monocles for editing purposes. I’m not sure where I’d be without him.

Now some facts about me, I love candy. It is one of my most favorite things in the world. I also love talking, but often times I ramble. As you might expect, this can be rather annoying. But I’m working on just simmering down and listening. As with most things, it’s a work in progress.

And by the way, I may have revealed something about myself that isn’t true; can you guess what it is?


  24 Responses to “First Crusader Challenge”

  1. Fellow crusader and new follower. Nice to meet you.

  2. Nice to meet you too! I’m about to check out your blog.

  3. Hey crusader. Well done with the challenge. Jeez, I have no idea, though I’m sure it has something to do with your muse–It’s all a lie 🙂 I don’t know, but I’m going with that.

    Nice to meet you.

  4. Hey crusader! Nice to e-meet you!

    Your entry was lots of fun. By the way, I love candy too, and have the crowns to prove it 😀 What’s the lie? I’m going to guess that your muse/rabbit doesn’t wear a tuxedo, but actually wears ball gowns. Just a guess.

  5. Okay, I’m going to guess that you’re not organized. Nothing personal, but I had to pick something, LOL!
    Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by on my blog!

  6. Ha @ Lydia. You will have to wait for my next blog post to find the answer. Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Your muse sounds awesome! Hmm, I think you most likely have papers and magazines stacked up around your house. *looks at magazines and papers surrounding me*

  8. Hi – great post! The lie is hard to guess. I’m going to say wither you actually do have piles of papers and magazines around or that your muse isn’t a rabbit.

    If you get a chance, please stop by and guess mine! I’m supposed to post the answer today and have only gotten one guess 🙁

  9. Great post. I’ll say you aren’t really quite that organized (or you are organized in terms of knowing which piles of papers contain what–like me). 🙂

  10. Very well done! I think the lie is that you do have piles of things around. Afterall, piles can be organized right?

  11. I too think your rabbit is a bit more cas… the tux sounds a bit too formal for everyday. I think you lied about that. Cheers!

  12. Let me guess–Not as organized as you say? Oops, that might be me. ; ) I’m following you now. See you around.

  13. Hey fellow crusader! I loved your entry! I’m guessing your lie relates to your bunny muse. 🙂

    Nice to meet you!

  14. If your muse really is a rabbit dressed in a tux, then I’m impressed, lol!!!

  15. Lovely post and way to go on using the difficult words.

  16. I have an award for you at my blog.

  17. Hey Nina, can type now I’ve stopped chortling over your Challenge entry 🙂

    Um, I’m guessing you’re not quite that organized. But perhaps that’s because I’m the total opposite 😉

    Hope you’re having a fantastic Crusade so far 🙂



  18. Thanks Alison! It’s so cute!

  19. Hello fellow Crusader!
    I’m thinking you’re not that tidy 🙂

  20. Hmm… maybe you hate talking, and are really the strong, silent type whose words are more likely to come out on paper than from your mouth? Haha. I have no idea. 🙂

  21. Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, the whole house has been sick all week. So, I just thought I would pop in and just say Hi! 😀

  22. I am going to guess your lie is the candy loving. Great post and nice to “meet” you!

  23. Hi there fellow crusader, I’m going with organised. How can writers be organised with so much on their plates. There’s rabbit muses to ponder after all 🙂

  24. I’m going to guess that you’re not quite as organized as you say you are. But that’s probably because I live in constant chaos and am jealous! 🙂

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